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Frequently asked questions

What documentation do I have to have?
You both will need your Birth Certificate or Passport if not born in Australia. If you have had a previous marriage, either proof of divorce or death of a spouse.
If we have all of our documentation, can we get married today?
No. The Documentation (The Notice of Intended Marriage) must be signed not less than a month and no longer than 18 months before the marriage takes place.
My fiancé is having his bucks night the night before our wedding. Will it matter if he is affected by alcohol?
By law, both parties must not be affected by drugs or alcohol during the ceremony.
We just want a small celebration. Can it just be the two of us?
Yes you can. You still need two witnesses over 18 years old but I can arrange that for you.
Do I have to have my father give me away?
No. You can have any person you like or no one at all. Some brides choose mother, brother, friend, grandparent or mother and father together. More mature brides may choose their children.
What areas will you perform a ceremony?
I reside in Coffs Harbour and I’m happy to travel and perform ceremonies in The Mid-North Coast, Coffs Coast, Bellingen and Dorrigo.
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