Naming ceremony

When a new child comes into your life, you want the world to know and meet him or her. A great way to do this is to have a naming ceremony. Naming ceremonies have been around for the term of natural life.

Ancient cultures, world-wide performed naming’s and similar rituals before religion were established. Naming’s having been a way of welcoming a child into the fold for a very long time.

Naming ceremonies do not take the place of Baptisms. Many people prefer to have their child named in a religious service of their choice, but for those who do not wish a church service, an individually styled naming ceremony is the answer.

Mentors (Godparents) are chosen by the parents of the child and they take on the responsibility to guide and watch over the child until adulthood.

During the ceremony, poems, readings, lighting of candles, releasing of balloons or planting a tree are just some ideas to use in the ceremony. This is your choice.

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baby naming ceremony
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